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our writers Family physician Dr. Jean-Luc Bourbeau has nothing of a man who takes himself too seriously. Dr. Bourbeau is multifaceted, he loves being a writer and he is skillful at playing piano. In fact, he has a sharp sense of humor that is sometimes expressed in his drawings.
our writers My name is Fabiola Antunes, I am a Mulata born to a quite normal interracial union: White father, dark skin mother, married in the 70s and not divorced. All my family is mixed and we see all individuals as one human race and being of one blood. The only abnormal thing is the look that others have about us.
What a pity! This is definitely the time for changing that mindset.
I am a very proud African descent Woman. In spite of the fact that I have light skin I remain a proud dark African descent Woman. In my dreams I connect with my African ancestors from the night of times… and then I see beyond Reality.
our writers I am Margaret Amoah. I have a very good sense of humor, out spoken and very optimistic. I have always been a person to listen to others and I like to bring the best to my community. I promise you to stay true to myself.
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