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Absolut Vodka Partnership With One Source Live Project - Afrossip
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Absolut Vodka Partnership With One Source Live Project

By Fabiola Antunes
In Culture
February 7, 2018

African Art: The Sacred Art Of The Ori 2 - Photo: Iris Media Studios.Laolu Senbanjo
African Art: The Sacred Art Of The Ori 2

The Absolut Vodka partnership with One Source Live project is very exciting to behold. Some people get concerned about corporate sponsorship in general. However, it is actually a good sign that an event like this is getting the benefit of such major corporate sponsorship in the first place. A lot of African musicians and artists have had a difficult time regarding funding for their projects in the past. There is no doubt about the fact that this situation is finally starting to change, given what is happening with Absolut Vodka.

Many of the advertisements that Absolut Vodka has produced related to the artists are really quite breathtaking. Many people will see these advertisements and they will want to spread them around, since they will be interested in everything from the presentation of the art to the actual content. Getting these sorts of artists this sort of ad campaign is also valuable. It really signifies that artists like them have made it.

Mary Sibande African Art: I Decline I Refuse to DeclineMary Sibande
African Art: I Decline I Refuse to Decline.

People who worry about corporate sponsorship should know that the funding that’s necessary for these sorts of events has to come from somewhere. Getting people to raise money for these sorts of events can help, but it is often difficult to raise enough money at any given moment at the right time. Absolut Vodka has deep pockets, and they can help to get events off the ground that would not have happened otherwise.

Absolut Vodka helped to get the Khuli Chana One Source video that helped to inspire the event off the ground in the first place. In that way, this company has been behind this facet of the movement for some time. They might seem like somewhat unlikely allies at first, since people might not immediately draw a connection between their product and the creative content that they are promoting.

Laduma Ngxokolo African Art: Maxhosa Fashion Range. Laduma Ngxokolo
African Art: Maxhosa Fashion Range.

However, it is clear that a lot of companies like this have every reason to promote entertainment and similar events. Some people might decide to drink Absolut Vodka in celebration of these events. They might start to associate Absolut Vodka with some of the artists, making the artists spokespeople for the product. Absolut Vodka could get a lot of new fans overnight.

Many people will want to share these sorts of ads on social media with them. They will want to try to promote the African art that will be proudly displayed and performed at the One Source LIVE event. Many people on social media are very concerned about the lack of representation of African musicians and artists. While people on social media might criticize corporate sponsorship at times, they do genuinely care about it when it is for a good cause. Most people all over social media will agree that this is a good cause

The very photogenic and powerful advertisements from Absolut Vodka should absolutely help to promote an event like the One Source LIVE celebration. More and more people will be interested in the event itself, and they will be just as enthusiastic about it afterwards.

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