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Review – ‘Sticky: A (Self) Love Story’

By Dr. Jean-Luc Bourbeau
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January 13, 2016


In his open-minded documentary, Nicholas Tana starts right away with the big question: Do you masturbate?

Nicholas_TanaNicholas Tana, Director and Writer of ‘Sticky: A Self Love Story’. 

Over sixty celebrities are asked to say a word in this subject, that touch almost everybody but that remains somewhat taboo up to a certain point.

Betty_DodsonBetty Dodson. 

This aspect of sexual behavior is approached from several perspectives, most of the time supported by historical facts. In a first section of Sticky, called ‘The Morality of Masturbation’, religious beliefs and their influence are at the beginning of the discussion followed by the scandal of Pee-Wee Hermann in the 90’s.

Janeane_GarofaloJaneane Garofalo. 

Then, a second section ‘Masturbation Law and Politics’ shows its impact on American education, underlining all the controversy surrounding it.

Nina_HartleyNina Hartley. 

After that, the next section ‘Brief History of Masturbation’ looks for a better understanding of its origins and related ancient myths, followed by the development of the vibrator, the Kinsey Reports and women social movements for sexual freedom.

Larry_FlyntLarry Flynt. 

In the forth section ‘The Art of Masturbation’ artists are allowed to describe appearances of sexual self satisfaction on photography, music and cinematography.

Keith_MorrisKeith Morris. 

A very interesting section called ‘The Business of Masturbation’ shows us how pornography and sex toy industries make billions of dollars and the controversial banning of sex toys selling in Alabama state.

Joycelyn_EldersJoycelyn Elders. 

Following that, in a unnamed section, a discussion starts about sex addiction, the limits between ‘healthy’ sexuality and compulsive sexual behavior, its isolating effects and how couples manage those subjects.

Billy_SteinbergBilly Steinberg. 

The sad case of Matthew Burdette, a 14-year-old boy dead in November 2013 after being bullied by their classmates because a video in which was alleged to be masturbating, is presented as an example on how narrow-minded social pressure can destroy a life.

Chris_GoreChris Gore. 

Its last section ‘Sticky Subject Touchy Future’ give us an optimistic view about the future of this practice by human beings including how future technologies could affect it.

Sherri_WilliamsSherri Williams. 

In fact, this 70 min. documentary shows also that this sticky subject is still the center of a big debate.

Finally, ‘Sticky: a (Self) Love Story’ concludes with the big question from the beginning, now addressed to some of the interviewed celebrities and even Nicholas Tana, who curiously avoided to answer it!

What is amazing in this movie, is the good balance of serious stuff and humor, making it very informative and quite funny at the same time.

This movie will open our minds and could be considered a must for educational purposes. And, for sure, this movie won’t cause you to go blind!

Our score: 8/10, very good.

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