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Gather Round For Nonstop French Kisses, Unsolved Mysteries And Fashion Tips On TV5MONDE COD - Afrossip
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Gather Round For Nonstop French Kisses, Unsolved Mysteries And Fashion Tips On TV5MONDE COD

By Fabiola Antunes
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January 25, 2016

TV5MONDE USATV5MONDE Cinema On Demand has once again assembled an exceptional lineup of Official Selections from this year’s My French Film Festival (MYFF). Annually, this online festival draws the attention of thousands of Francophones and Francophiles from around the globe to watch and to comment on a few of the best murder mysteries, love triangles and unpredictable adventures French Cinema provides. This year, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand has partnered with MYFF to bring viewers an array of these powerful feature films starring some of French Cinema’s most seasoned actors including Anaïs Demoustier, Clovis Cornillac, and Pierre Niney. Films include Caprice, Sand Castles (Les Châteaux de sable), All About Them (À trois on y va ), Blind Date (Un Peu, Beaucoup, Aveuglement), It Boy (20 Ans D’Ecart), French Blood (Un Francais), and Henri Henri. Now available online and on demand, viewers can be sure to access each film throughout January and February.

Now available for all TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand subscribers is an amazing lineup of dramas and comedies for all movie lovers to enjoy. Tune-in for:

Caprice (2015, Comedy)

 Caprice (2015, Comedy) – When an average guys falls in love with a famous actress their worlds collide and old friends become new enemies. This is the case for Clement, a teacher whose life turns completely upside down when he meets the beautiful Alicia Bardery. This comedy stars César nominated actress Anaïs Demoustier.

Sand Castles (2015, Drama)

Sand Castles (2015, Drama) – After the death of her father, Eléonore decides to revisit his countryside home with Samuel, the love of her life. Times have changed and so has their relationship, causing both lovers to fight each other and relive the past as they spend more time together. Chaos erupts as their trip comes to an end and they are forced to decide if they want to end their tumultuous relationship or make it work. This drama stars César award-winning actress Emma de Caunes as Eléonore.

All About Them (2015, Comedy)

All About Them (2015, Comedy) – Charlotte and Micha are in a relationship, however, neither of them can bare to be faithful. When Micha goes on a business trip, Charlotte seduces her friend Melody into the bedroom. Their secret is exposed when Micah returns home only to discover his girlfriend has fallen in love with a woman. This comedy stars César nominated actress Anaïs Demoustier.

Blind Date (2015, Comedy)

Blind Date (2015, Comedy) – Opposites attract in this romantic comedy following an accomplished female pianist and an unconventional inventor. As she prepares for one of the biggest concerts in her career, he works silently next door to perfect his craft. Although neighbors, these two share their true feelings about life and love by speaking to each other through a thin wall. Now after many days and tons of deep conversations, this pair is ready to meet each other for the first time. This comedy stars César award-winning actor Clovis Cornillac.

It Boy (2013, Comedy)

It Boy (2013, Comedy) – Dedicated to getting the promotion of her dreams, Alice Lantins, a 38-year-old workaholic fashion editor will do anything to please her boss.  One day her boss discovers that she is dating a 19-year-old and decides that Alice’s bizarre love life can make for a great article. Things get interesting when Alice gets dumped. This comedy stars César award-winning actor Pierre Niney as Alice’s lover.

French Blood (2015, Drama)

French Blood (2015, Drama) –  Struggling to put his violent and racist past behind him, neo-Nazi Marco Lopez spends two decades rebuilding his life. While all of his friends are out torturing innocent people, Marco spends his time reflecting on his upbringing with his alcoholic father and poor mother. At a very young age, he spends a lot of his time on the streets as a fearless radical but overtime he becomes an upstanding member of society. This film is written and directed by Diasteme.

Henri Henri (2015, Drama)

Henri Henri (2015, Drama) – This dramedy follows Henri, an orphaned young man living with his sisters in a convent. When his sisters decide to sell the convent, Henri is forced to quickly find a job to support himself. At his new job at a local light shop,  Henri discovers new friends and love but more importantly his unique ability to “lighten up people’s life”. This film is directed by Martin Talbot.

 More on this lineup of TV5MONDE’s Cinema on Demand films can be found by visiting the website www.tv5monde.com/.

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