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LadyBoy Chris Brown Is Twerking

By Fabiola Antunes
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December 1, 2015

chrisbrowndeadSinger Chris Brown. 

An Insider tells a top blogger,, R&B singer Chris Brown is ladyboy. The father of one is very feminine when in the company of men. Is Brown gay now? Watch the vid below and  draw your own conclusion.


Source: YouTube/John Anderson 

The blogger claims:

According to someone close to Brown’s camp, the 6’-1″, 26-year-old single dad acts very feminine when in the company of men.

I wasn’t surprised to hear Brown is a femme queen, but your auntie’s jaw dropped when the source mimicked Brown’s feminine behavior.

He provided a glimpse into Brown’s inner sanctum that many of us are not privy to.

The only ones privy to Brown’s feminine mannerisms are the crew of hard legs he keeps around him.

The source indicated Brown likes to assume the feminine role whenever he is around thugs. And he confirmed that Brown does not behave that way around women.

To be fair, the source wasn’t aware he was speaking to a known gossip blogger. It’s doubtful he would have confided in me if he knew.

In other words, Brown’s bad boy exterior is all an act. Underneath that gruff exterior is a pussycat purring to be stroked by an unmanicured hand.

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