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A Unique Christmas Gift: Designing A Custom Perfume Or Cologne Online - Afrossip
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A Unique Christmas Gift: Designing A Custom Perfume Or Cologne Online

By Fabiola Antunes
In Beauty & Fashion
December 9, 2015

Unique Fragrance Launch

Fragrances and cosmetic products are the most popular gifts for Christmas, besides cash and gift certificates. More than 30% of all Americans are planning to give such a gift for the holiday season. People who want to distinguish from the mass have now the chance to design their own personal fragrance with UNIQUE (www.uniquefragrance.com). In addition to developing a custom scent, it is also possible to design the glass bottle and label it with a personal name, message, logo or picture.

UNIQUE Fragrance, a producer of premium fragrances, is specialized manufacturer of customized perfumes and colognes. UNIQUE has not only created fragrances for famous international celebrities, but also now makes this exclusive service accessible for private customers. On the company website the user can become a real perfumer and create a signature fragrance for him or herself or a loved one. More than 50 olfactory notes are ready to be combined with over 150 billion possible combinations. UNIQUE also offers the opportunity to exclusively develop a bespoke fragrance according to the personal preferences, submitted by the customer.

In France, UNIQUE Fragrance is already available in more than 500 stores through its partnership with the leading perfumery retail chain Nocibé. In the US and worldwide, the service is available exclusively online. Each fragrance is produced by experienced perfume artists in the laboratory in Berlin, Germany. Free shipping within the US is available in only 10-15 days. A custom-made perfume is available from $79.90. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. UNIQUE Fragrance’s co-founder and CEO Carina Stammermann explains how to create a unique perfume for the winter season: « Winter time is the perfect period of the year to use a fragrance with warm, aromatic and woody notes. Giving a custom-made perfume to a loved one requires respecting the person’s preferences and style. For a female winter perfume, I can strongly recommend elegant warm notes such as cashmere wood, rose, or the gentle aroma of white tea. For men, typical woody notes that are more aromatic such as cedar wood or a fresh touch of grapefruit or bergamot are perfect. »

The progressive fragrance startup company has developed several new products especially for the Christmas season. Customers can now additionally choose a real gold, copper or platinum covered bottle. Also, a shining glass bottle covered with real Swarovski crystals or one ornamented with a letter of choice made from crystals are now available. UNIQUE is also offering gift boxes and gift certificates.

Unique Fragrance Launch

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