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The Novel Hotel Cuba Explores The Adventures Of A Couple Discovering Themselves Sexually - Afrossip
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The Novel Hotel Cuba Explores The Adventures Of A Couple Discovering Themselves Sexually

By Fabiola Antunes
In Culture
November 19, 2015

Novel Hotel Cuba

Open relationships are not as shocking a concept today as they were 50 years ago, they’re still regarded with overwhelming skepticism but the more people speak about it the less unusual the concept sounds. Author Brian White’s new novel Hotel Cuba explores how the desire for realizing sexual fantasies in today’s world is widely accepted and being practiced by men and women alike, for the obvious reason that sexual fantasies are part of being human.

White writes about the risks and rewards of realizing sexual fantasies within the context of a committed relationship. “How far is each individual in a marriage willing to go to please their partner when their sexual desires differ,” asks White. In Hotel Cuba, Don and Carrie Nightengale navigate psychological and physical obstacles in their own relationship as Don opens a resort in Cuba that provides sexual fantasies for couples as each partner approaches their 40th birthday. Like a train wreck, we watch helplessly as Don and Carrie embark on a threesome and watch as their life implodes through the pages with that one act. It breaks your heart to watch the devolving of what was a successful, loving marriage with two children into the hell it becomes.

Hotel Cuba makes you think…   

Does one partner’s willingness to please their partner’s sexual fantasy involving other people signify approval of the behavior?

Is monogomy a defining term for marriage?

Is it considered cheating if a partner informs their spouse about their acting out of their sexual fantasies?


To learn more about B. White visit www.hotelcubabook.com including purchase details ($6.99 for the Kindle ebook, $12.64 in paperback).


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