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Strawberry Laser's Cold Laser Technology: New FDA Cleared Technique For Fat Melting And Inch Loss - Afrossip
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Strawberry Laser’s Cold Laser Technology: New FDA Cleared Technique For Fat Melting And Inch Loss

By Fabiola Antunes
In Beauty & Fashion
August 3, 2015

Strawberry Laser machine


Read on About This Sweet New Treatment


First introduced in London, the Strawberry Laser’s cold laser technology is now available in the United States. Already, over 5 million people worldwide have lost instant inches with Strawberry.  There are now Strawberry systems installed in over 30 countries.

The Strawberry Laser is an FDA cleared, painless alternative to liposuction that achieves non-invasive inch-loss and body contouring by shrinking fat cells. With each 10-20 minute treatment, unwanted fat is naturally released from the body via the lymphatic system.  The results are instant. All you have to lose are inches!

Strawberry’s results are 2.5 times better than any other device in the industry.  An FDA approved double-blind clinical study with placebos compared those treated vs. the placebo subjects over a course of 8 treatments. The average loss of treated subjects recorded was 3.7 inches. This reduction was from one measurement location and not a combination of two or three, as if often quoted. What’s more, 2 areas of the body can be treated simultaneously.

Strawberry Laser body contouring treatments are ideal for two types of people: Those that are already following a healthy diet and lifestyle and want to remove localized pockets of fat from their abdomen, back, legs, or arms, or those who want to use the Strawberry recommended lifestyle protocol, to “jump start” their slimming efforts as motivation for maintaining a healthier and slimmer lifestyle. A course of eight Strawberry treatments are recommended, typically two treatments each week for 4 weeks.

Strawberry Laser's cold laser technology

So how does it work?

Prior to each treatment, precise measurements are taken at multiple levels around a patient’s specific target area(s). During the treatment, low-level (cold) laser technology is used to painlessly melt fat within the fat cells. The process is similar to exercise. When a person exercises, triglycerides are released from the fat cells. With these being released, the fat cells reduce in size (adipocytes). The Strawberry Laser works in a similar way, pulling the triglycerides from the fat cells. This results in millions of fat cells becoming smaller, so inches are reduced off the waist, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks and male breasts. Exercising in conjunction with Strawberry Laser treatments further stimulates the fat reduction process. Surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels, nerves and skin cells are unaffected by the procedure.

 Following a laser treatment, Strawberry’s protocol recommends a minimum of 20 minutes cardiovascular exercise. This is essential to maintain the results.

What results can I expect?

A course of 8 Strawberry treatments results in noticeable body contouring results and targeted fat loss, depending on a patient’s metabolic rate and build.  Inches will stay off after treatment provided that a patient follows a healthy diet and exercises.

 What actually happens to the fat?

The fat cells are undamaged; but due to the reaction of the laser light on the cell it will empty the contents. The contents consist of water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Following a treatment, the glycerol is rapidly absorbed by the body. The water carries the free fatty acids, through the lymphatic system, through the liver and kidneys and are passed out of the body in your urine.

 Who is not a candidate for the treatment?

Pregnant women and people who have medical problems including epilepsy, heart diseases, hypertension, liver or kidney disease are advised not to undergo a Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment.

 The Cost

Treatments can vary between $200 – $300 per session and this can include up to two areas of the body.

For the full eight sessions, the expense is thousands of dollars less than liposuction.

History of Laser Lipo Ltd.

Laser Lipo Ltd was incorporated in the U.K. in 2007, specifically to market and retail laser machines into the beauty, aesthetic and medical market place.

In the beginning of 2008, Laser Lipo launched the first Class 3B laser machine, for non invasive inch loss, into both the U.K. and in the Middle East region based out of the United Arab Emirates.

Laser Lipo continued to market to U.K. and now began to establish a comprehensive international distribution network, following its exhibition in Bologna, Italy. During 2010 and 2011, a strong network was established, as well as developing the U.K. market to include gyms and sport centers.

Laser Lipo introduced low level laser inch loss technology into the UK, Europe and the Middle East in 2007.

  • Laser Lipo launched the 1st “Strawberry” made in the U.K in 2009.
  • In June 2011, Laser Lipo began manufacturing its own “Strawberry” systems.
  • In July 2011, the New “Strawberry” & Cream system was released.
  • In August 2011, the New Economy Inch Loss Only “Strawberry” was released.
  • In December 2011, Laser Lipo secured Medical CE status as a manufacturer.
  • In June 2012, Laser Lipo secured both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for both machines.
  • In July 2012, Laser Lipo released a brand new Stretch mark reduction system.
  • In September 2013, Laser Lipo secured FDA clearance for both the Cream & ILO.
  • In December 2014, Laser Lipo applied for Health Canada approval.
  • In  December 2014, Laser Lipo secured Thailand’s FDA clearance.
  • Investment in design, technology and both research & development are key business strategies that keep Laser Lipo Ltd leading the industry.

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