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Nicole Richie Tells Interviewer To Shut Up Now

By Fabiola Antunes
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March 16, 2015

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie does not want to talk about her new sister-in-law Cameron Diaz. We repeat: She does not want to talk about Cameron Diaz.

The point couldn’t be clearer in her interview in today’s Sunday Style, in which the 33-year-old shut down a journalist after an awkward interchange about Cameron, who married Nicole’s brother-in-law Benji Madden in January.

Nicole got her back up the moment Cameron’s name was mentioned, with reporter Clare Press asking if Cameron will guest star on Nicole’s web series Candidly Nicole. Innocent question, right?

“Well, the show focuses on different topics that I want to learn about, so it features experts in what I’m talking about,” Nicole answered.

The reporter tried again: “So, what if Diaz were an expert in your chosen subject? Maybe if you did a show on body hair, a topic Cameron waxes lyrical about in The Body Book. Would you maybe get her on then? It would be good.”

Nicole sat there in silence.

“Are you able to tell us anything about the wedding?” the reporter continued.

“I am not,” said Nicole.

“Did you introduce Cameron to Benji?” the reporter pressed.

“I am actually not going to talk about that at all,” Nicole retorted.

The reporter said: “Oh, go on.”

“No,” Nicole said.

The interviewer took the cue: ” Oh, OK then, I guess you want to talk about Australia and the Golden Slipper and stuff?”

Nicole replied: “I do. Sydney happens to be one of my favorite cities.”

After a few more questions about her role as International Golden Slipper Carnival ambassador for the race day at Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens on March 21, the real shutdown came.

“Um, does Cameron like golden slippers?” asked the journalist.

“Shut up now,” said Nicole.


Nicole Richie will happily talk about her family, but not her fiercely private sister-in-law Cameron Diaz.


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