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Women’s Greatest Regrets Revealed

By Fabiola Antunes
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February 20, 2015


A recent poll has revealed that maximum number of women regret of not performing well in the school, not losing weight on diet and for choosing a wrong career path.

The polling conducted by Diet Coke for their ‘Regret Nothing Campaign’ has showed that women even regret of not choosing a right property and even on spending night with someone they shouldn’t have.

The regrets like not being spontaneous, or being impulsive and not being a good daughter or a friend hampers women’s lives and makes them regret on such issues.

Around 1,000 women who were surveyed regret that they didn’t travel before starting a family, and even for not having children, or being a better mum.

Women even have regrets in their lives such as texting someone they shouldn’t after a night out, or for not having a dream wedding, and even sometimes of having an affair, or settling down, and to focus much on their career.

A spokesperson of Diet Coke said that the findings show that women are harbouring their regrets and not living life in present, and with this they gave a message to inspire women to act on their impulses to create positive experiences, adventures and opportunities for success.



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